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Running Emergency Service Drools app (Smart tasks application)

Hey guys! Some days ago i cloned Smart Tasks project and also a practical app using it from @salaboy‘s Github, emergency-service-drools.

But let’s answer some questions first:

What’s Smart Tasks Project?

Salaboy can tell you the answer much better than me  here in this post .

What’s Emergency Service Drools app?

Again, Salaboy can teall you this here.

So what is this post for?

Okay, now you know what Smart Tasks is and you wanna run the app. This post will show you how.

  1. You need Maven. Install Maven (I’m using Maven 3 here). Also, you need git. All followed steps shuld be done using command line. One more important thing, your maven settings.xml should be like the one into this tutorial.
  2. Clone smart tasks project (here). then, go to it’s directory and run
     mvn clean install 

    . Let Maven download the hole internet for you.

  3.  Clone emergency-service-drools-app (here). Again, go to the app’s and run 
     mvn clean install -DskipTests=true 

    For more information, visit this page.
    4. Okay, now you need to run 3 maven tasks to start 3 services. First, go to run/ directory and then run

     mvn -Pcore 

    5. Open a new terminal tab at the same directory (emergency-service-drools-app/run) and then run

     mvn jetty:run-war -Ptasklists-ui-web -Djgroups.bind_addr=  

    This will start the service on the embedded container.

    6. Open a thrid tab at the same directory and run

      mvn -Pworld-ui 

    . This will start a “world” for you.



    7. So, press space bar to generate an event. Then access http://localhost:8081

    Event generated in the world

    Event generated in the world

    emergency tasks - web

    emergency tasks - web

    8. Let us complete the first task of the business use case. Leave Operator selected the combo and press get list. This should report you a list ov events generated in the world.

    9. Click on the event on the list. This will take you to the operator’s view:

    10. Start the task by clicking on the start button.

    11. Then, fill the form with some information, for example:

    Emergency Type – Heart Attack

    Number of people – 1

    Gender – Male

    Age – 32

    12. Press the complete button.

    13. Check the world again.



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